Employment Screening Services

A summary of employment screening is listed below

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Employee Financial Background Screening (Financial & ID checks)

This report covers financial background screening and employment credit checks for most business sectors including those regulated by the security standard BS 7858 2012. The report provides information on an individual including identity checks, address checks, financial court judgments and sanctions. This level of employment screening can be purchased online and completed within one working day. To read more about our financial background checks for employees click on the link here or or call us on 01992 719 234 and we will be happy to discuss how we can assist with your screening.

financial background checks

BS7858:2012 Security Vetting Services

A range of employment screening services are provided for the security services sector to meet the auditing requirements of the BS7858:2012 standard which superseded BS7858:2006 +A2:2009 from 1 May 2013. The services provided range from financial background checks through to verifying employment history, character references, gap verifications and criminal background checks. To read more about BS7858 security vetting services click on the link here, or call us on 01992 719 234.

Services for BS7858 security screening

Baseline Personnel Security Standard - BPSS Screening

The BPSS standard is used not only by government departments but also companies in the government supply chain and other employers that seek to align their businesses with the BPSS employment screening standard. A summary of BPSS screening is provided here, however if you would like more information about our services please call us on 01992 719 234.

Screening services for BPSS - baseline personnel security standard

Employment Checks for FCA Regulated Firms

The FCA (formerly FSA) statutory objectives include the requirement to protect consumers, maintain market confidence, promote public awareness, and reduce financial crime. FCA requires that regulated companies employ personnel who are both competent and honest for roles within an approved function, these are persons who the FCA deem fit and proper. Our pre-employment checks provide support for the FCA fit and proper persons test. You can read more and about our FCA employment checks for regulated firms here, or call us on 01992 719 234 and we will be happy to assist.

FSA based employee background checks

Bespoke Employment Background Checks

At Credit Check Services we also provide bespoke screening services to meet specific organisational needs for most sectors of employment including Government and Public Services, international searches, and more. You can read more about our bespoke employment background checks here, or call us on 01992 719 234.

bespoke employee background checks provided

Further guidance and information on employment screening companies has been published by the UK Government CPNI department (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure), you can read more about the CPNI employment screening guidelines here. These guidelines have been written for organisations that own or operate critical assets that may impact on the UK National Infrastructure such as Communications, Finance, Emergency Services, Energy, Government Departments, etc.