FCA & Employment Background Checks

Employment screening for firms in the financial sector

FSA employment background checks FSA employment background checks FSA employment background checks FSA employment background checks

The Financial Services Authority maintains detailed processes for the verification and registration of approved persons covering; honesty, integrity, reputation, competence, and capability. You can read more about the FCA (FSA) Fit and Proper test for Approved Persons on the website here (opens a new window)

At Credit Check Services we support the FCA (FSA) employment screening requirements for approved persons with a range of screening covering the applicant's identity, financial background, qualifications, employment history, and activities that may bring them into conflict with their employment.


Verifying the identity of a person involves checking a photo ID, name, date of birth and signature against qualifying documents such as passport or photocard driving licence, and other proof of address documents such as recent utility bills. At Credit Check Services we also provide data searches in support of the applicant's identity as follows:

  • Date of birth verifications
  • Alias name checks
  • Confirmation of previous addresses
  • Electoral register and Insight address checks
  • Anti Money Laundering ID checks


Our searches include a linked address search in court and credit databases to thoroughly check the applicant's financial history to reveal the following:

  • CCJ and Sequestration searches
  • Bankruptcy & IVA searches
  • Notices of corrections to credit files
  • Recent credit searches

Qualifications / Memberships

Key to verifying an applicant's competence is verification of qualifications. In support of this our screening will cover:

  • Professional memberships and qualifications
  • Educational qualifications
  • FSA register search

Employment History

Verification of past employment history to provide evidence in support of the applicant's competence and integrity. All employment references are obtained based on specific questionnaires to support the FCA (FSA) fit and proper persons test.


For most types of employment within the FCA regulated sector it is necessary to verify whether an applicant has any alerts that may impact on suitability of employment. Our checks will cover:

  • HM Treasury sanctions
  • OFAC searches
  • Terrorist /financial sanctions
  • Disqualification from being a company director

Criminal records

All applicants for approved persons roles are required to have a criminal records check. At Credit Check Services we can provide UK criminal background checks and through our international partners we can provide criminal records checks in most countries.

  • UK criminal records search (DBS)
  • International criminal records search

Other business activities

Sometimes an applicant may have other interests that could present a conflict with their prospective employment.

  • Verification of other business involvement / interests

At Credit Check Services we can provide a range and depth of screening to compliment your existing processes for prospective approved persons and other employees working in a controlled function.

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